Why we don’t bring our branded cars to new instructions

Why we don’t bring our branded car to new instructions

Should estate agents use branded cars?  Why do estate agents use branded cars?  Do branded cars improve business for estate agents?  What are the problems with using a branded car as an estate agent?

You may well be looking at the title of this blog and thinking, ‘why is it important whether an estate agent’s car is branded or not?  What point are they trying to make here?’

We would ask that you have a think about this point – why does an estate agent use a branded car?  Is it for your benefit, or for their benefit?  Does it help you as their client?

Let’s think about why an estate agent might use a branded car…

  • To promote and advertise their estate agency locally
  • To improve their brand awareness
  • To give a sense of corporate uniformity
  • To make themselves recognisable to the public
  • To possibly show how successful they are – if there are a lot of branded cars

Now, let’s think about whether it is a good idea to use a branded car, particularly for new instructions…

Some estate agents use their branded cars for everything, whether it’s a viewing, a new instruction or a valuation.  This is absolutely fine as long as they have taken their client’s interests into account first.  Normally, once a house is on the market, a ‘FOR SALE’ board goes up and the property is advertised in the local paper as well as on national websites.  It’s public knowledge that the house is for sale.  Most clients want to market their property in every way possible, and that is understandable.

There are some, however, that may wish to remain more anonymous and wish to keep their house sale as private as possible.

This could be for a number of reasons, for example, they may be going through a tough divorce settlement and may wish to keep their privacy intact.  Perhaps they are moving away from the area and don’t really want anyone else to know.  They could even be selling an empty property and may not want to advertise the fact that the property is uninhabited.  Whatever reason, however small, it is important to them that we, as professionals, retain their privacy.

Until we, as estate agents, know exactly what the circumstances are of each client, we should remain as confidential as we possibly can, which means that we should not use our branded vehicles.

The minute an estate agent’s branded vehicle parks outside a house, neighbour’s curtains are twitching and people are talking.  This simply isn’t fair to the client, particularly as the estate agent may simply be valuing the property and may not even be the agent that gets the final instruction!  Not only that, but the client may decide not to sell after all; they may just be after a valuation, or even just advice.

It’s about showing some discretion and having respect for people’s privacy.

It may be worth having a think about this the next time you ask an agent to value your house.

Hopefully you are no longer puzzled and ‘get’ the reason for our writing this blog.  We like to think outside the box sometimes, and we feel that it is always good to question things and ask ourselves why we do things in a certain way.  This is how we improve the service we offer our clients.

Is this something you have ever thought about before?  What are your ideas and opinions on this topic?  Do you think it’s acceptable to use a branded car for valuations and informal visits?  How would you feel if an estate agent pulled up in a brightly coloured car with logo’s all over it?  We would love to hear your thoughts on this…..

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