Thinking of selling in the new year?

Thinking of selling your property in the new year?

Find out why you should act now! 

Are you thinking of moving house in January?  Are you thinking of selling your property in January?  Is January a good time to sell my house?  Should I sell my house after Christmas? Why is January a good time to sell your house?

Yet again, Christmas time is nearly upon us and another year has passed by.  November and December are always busy months, with everyone madly shopping for presents and ensuring they order the best turkey roast.

It’s not normally a time that we think about houses… we probably don’t have time.  If, however, you are considering selling your home in the new year, it’s definitely worth reading on…

St. Stephen’s Day, believe it or not, is the second busiest day of the year for people looking online for a new property (followed closely by New Year’s Day).  If you think about it, it does make sense… Christmas is out of the way, the turkey has been eaten, the gifts have been opened and we suddenly feel the need to relax on the sofa, take stock, and think ahead.  Christmas is also a time for reflection, when we may find ourselves evaluating our lives and even our homes – this is when many people make the decision to move.  Perhaps some are after a ‘new beginning’, or maybe have ‘itchy feet’; either way, it’s a time when many start to browse.

So, why do I need to visit my estate agent now?  Surely, I can do that in January?

There’s a very good reason we recommend you act now… we don’t want you to miss the boat.  Putting together the perfect marketing package for a property can take a good couple of weeks, if not more, so stay ahead of the game and chat with your agent now.  Why miss out on the two busiest ‘internet browsing’ days of the year?

Smart sellers instruct their agent in November…

Too many people make the mistake of waiting until January before they instruct their agent.  It’s simply too late – the market will probably slow down again around mid-January and as we have already mentioned, it can take over 2 weeks to prepare a house for market.

There are a number of different processes that must be worked through when selling a house.  Firstly, you may feel the need to get a valuation from a few different agents – this can take time.  Once you have chosen and instructed your agent, they will arrange for a professional photographer to visit and take photos of your home.  If your house is not ‘staged’ for sale (in other words, is not shown at its best), you may need some advice on property presentation, or may even need the help of a ‘home stager’ – again…..more time.  Then there’s the brochure to write up – not a 2-minute job if it’s done properly.  A good estate agent can spend hours on brochure wording, making sure your house attracts those viewers.

Be wary of any estate agent who promises to have your house on the market in a couple of days!

So, here is what you can do NOW…

Have a chat with your agent now and ask them to start the ball rolling.  This way they can be working on the marketing package for your property while you run around planning for Christmas.  The photos can be taken before the decorations go up, and the agent has a few weeks to prepare the perfect brochure.  You can sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas, knowing that your house will be the first to hit the market on Boxing Day.

Remember, the most crucial time is from Boxing Day onwards.  Don’t miss it!

Have you sold a house in January?  Did it sell fast?  Was the marketing prepared beforehand?  Perhaps you have had a bad experience selling at this time of year?  What happened?  Do you have any tips you can share with us?  We would love to hear from you.

Do you have any questions about selling after Christmas?  We are always happy to chat about your options.

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