Kitchen trends 2021

Let’s play with Colours

Black Kitchens are trending! It’s shocking but it’s true. Greys which have been really trendy in kitchens over the last years are still there however now it is especially a darker muted grey. If dark isn’t your thing don’t worry, soft sage and green tones are also appearing everywhere in 2021. Think about what a colour’s impact has on you and how it makes you feel. It’s time to have fun and be daring.

Plants in Kitchens

What is your view on plants in the kitchen? Some people love them and some people hate them. They add vibrancy and texture to kitchens. Add herbs on your windowsill or a large potted plant beside your counter. Mint and French parsley are beautiful and practical. Hanging plants from a high shelf are perfect as it trails beautifully and adds a touch of romance to your home.

Natural Worksurfaces

Shiny surfaces are redundant in 2021 and matte natural-looking finishes are in this year. Expect worksurfaces to be made of wood or marble to give a classic and understated look, that will also hold up really well in a well-loved kitchen. This is reflective of fashion trends and other interior design trends that are focused on natural materials such as organic cotton, wicker and rattan. In these strange times we want to be surrounded and be among natural things.

Oversized Lights

Lights are going to be oversized and dramatic and a real feature of kitchen trends in 2021. Hang them over a kitchen table and you can really make it a focal spot in the room and delineate it from the rest of the kitchen. If you have a seating area in your kitchen for relaxing or just hanging out this use of lighting to delineate could be used again.

Clever Cabinetry

Seamless is in! And just like built in panel front appliances are trending, in 2021 we will see more furniture pieces. Think built-in antique cabinetry, for warmth and floor to ceiling glass cabinetry. Clever storage is always a priority when making practical design choices, so a built in hutch that hides everything from your coffee stations to your microwave and toaster. All while looking high end and unique.

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