We’ve all been there. Trying to squeeze the last pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Maybe toppling over your stack of saucepans under the kitchen counter trying to fit them all in. Or maybe you’re cramped in the corner of your bedroom, with a tiny desk and virtually no walking space between the wall and your bed. If only there was a way to create more space?

We’re not sure about actually creating more space, but there’s certainly a way to use the space you already have more efficiently. Let’s face it, we’ve all had clutter lying around, taking up precious room in our kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms…everywhere, really. But, where there’s a will there’s way of course, and in this blog we’re here to tell you how to make the most out of your space with our best storage hacks for your home. Whether it’s a small apartment you’re living in or you’re just trying to get the most out of your space, we’re sure you’ll benefit from our list below.


Your bedroom is home to an array of personal belongings, which is probably why we so often find ourselves trying to stuff everything we own on top of each other in such small spaces. But what if we utilized that space to be more efficient?


rolling boxes stored underneath a child's bed

These rolling boxes are the perfect way to get the most out of your space. Fill them with whatever you wish (shoes, books, bed sheets) and simply roll them back under your bed, safely tucked away until you need them again. They are easily accessible, but out of the way, making them a perfect storage solution.

They can come in different shapes and sizes depending on the size of your bed, so you have a lot of options. If you’re looking for more storage, we highly recommend them!


small fold down desk in city apartment next to window

With so many of us working from home at the moment, it’s imperative to set up a suitable workspace so you can be as productive as possible. Let’s face it, the kitchen isn’t the best spot to be working, and neither is the couch in the living room.

A fold down desk could be your saving grace if you’re short on space in your bedroom. You can install it on your wall so it will fold back up every time you finish work, or you can buy one separately that will fold itself and you can store handily under your bed or in the back of your wardrobe. Just like the rolling boxes, they’re reachable, out of the way and ready to be used whenever you need it.


floating shelves on a black wall stored in a teenager's bedroom

People often forget that the walls are a fantastic and creative way to increase storage in your bedroom. You can make the most out of your wall space by installing shelves along the perimeter of your walls, which will add dozens of square feet of storage space. Put your books, plants, framed pictures, teddy bears-out of the way but easily accessible.


white laundry basket hanging off the back of a door

The back of your door is another neglected area of the bedroom that’s actually an ideal spot for storage. By installing a hook onto the door itself or buying yourself an over-the-door hook instead (which is great if you’re renting), you can hang your laundry hamper, handbags, jewellery, jackets…. the list is endless. Don’t just leave it at your bedroom door too-it can also be used to storage hacks in the kitchen, bathroom and even your living room.


The kitchen counter is a magnet for clutter. Good storage spaces are essential for a tidy and efficient kitchen, but with so many things needed to be kept in here, this can be quite difficult. These storage tips and tricks are sure to help you get the most out of your kitchen space.


magnetic spice rack stored in a kitchen

If you’re looking for a way to optimize space and keep spices easily accessible, magnetic spice racks will be your new best friend. These handy little items allow you to arrange your kitchen without sacrificing counter space since they can attach right to your fridge.

You have the option of purchasing a separate spice rack to store your already-bought spices or you could buy a premium container with spices already included in it. Easily removeable from your fridge for cooking, replenishing, and more, simply attach these convenient jars on the configuration of your choice or use just a few as needed. A must-have for anyone who enjoys adding some spice into their dinners.


over the sink cutting board with chopped carrots

This cutting board that fits over your sink is a necessity for anyone hoping to preserve as much kitchen counter space as possible. Not only do they save space, but with these boards you can prevent vegetable peels and other food bits from making a mess on your kitchen floor as you’re chopping and slicing. It saves space and a clean-up too!


saucepans hanging from the ceiling in a kitchen

Nobody likes reaching for the last pot under a large pile of saucepans and accidentally toppling them all over. Even worse, trying to squeeze them all into one small cupboard and having them fall out next time you need to use one.

Give yourself more cupboard space by hanging pots, pans, and even cooking utensils from hooks. They can be hung from above your oven, on your kitchen walls or even from your kitchen ceilings.


spatulas and other kitchen utensils stored ina utensil holder in a white kitchen

Free up space in your drawers by taking utensils such as spatulas, potato mashers, or ladles and storing them in a convenient holder, when you can reach them at any moment you need. You can buy utensil holders in stores of all colours to suit the aesthetic of your kitchen or you can re-purpose old Mason jars, or maybe even some old tin cans as holders too. The possibilities are endless when you can get creative and think outside the box.


Good organization in the living room is all about keeping the things that we use every day easily accessible, but without them getting in the way and creating clutter. If done properly, everything will have its own place, thus making it much easier to tidy up in the future. Since humans tend to own a lot of things, finding their place can be tricky-but it can be done.


wooden coffee table with storage placed in the middle of a living room

The space under your coffee table is often forgotten about, but it can save a ton of room and help organise your living room. Don’t worry if you have a basic coffee table with no secret shelves-just use the space underneath. You can stow away whatever you like there: pillows, blankets, books. If you have a clear glass or acrylic table, they can be integrated into your living room décor, and if it’s not sheer, they will be concealed, which means your space will have less clutter.

A coffee table with drawers is the ideal investment if you don’t want to crowd the surface space. Stash your coasters, magazines, remotes, and anything you want to safely store away but ready to be used at any given moment.

Have a small living room? Lift-up coffee tables may be the storage solution for you. Not only do these tables offer hidden storage, but they can also act as tray tables which are convenient when reading, working on your laptop, or snacking while watching TV.


white ladder shelves in a white living room

Ladder shelving can transform your storage game. It’s a great way to add storage space without overwhelming your living room, and they are perfect if you have limited space. These handy shelves can work in pretty much any room of your house. Just make sure to secure the frame to the wall for safety.


books stored in wicker baskets in a living room

Book Nerd? Or maybe you just like to decorate your living room with books for aesthetic purposes?  Having a room full of bookshelves can often result in a chaotic, untidy look. Prevent your shelving from looking too frenzied by using baskets to cluster books together. You can put similar colours and sizes side by side for an arranged feel, or organise by topic or author. Use baskets that fit with your living room’s colour palette to seamlessly blend in.


old magazine rack reused as a charging station for phones and laptops

Having many different electronic devices means having many different chargers, and when they all get mixed up together, it can be a real nightmare trying to untangle them all. A great storage hack to is repurpose an old magazine rack and turn it into a charging station-it’s is a great place to store your electronics and also works as a docking station, establishing a place to charge electronics without a jumble of cords.


Bathrooms tend to be quite small, yet a lot of items still need to be stored away in here. This means they almost never have enough storage space, and it can be difficult to decide what belong where. If you’re struggling with your small bathroom but lack the time and budget for a full remodel, these tips are sure to make the most of every inch of space you’ve got. Keep your makeup, toiletries, and linens organized with these creative small storage hacks.


wooden towel rack installed on a bathroom wall

The great thing about towel racks is that they come in a wide variety. Looking to free up some space in your cupboards? Make the most of your vertical space by installing towel racks on your walls. It is perfect for storing extra hand towels, washcloths, and small bathroom essentials.


rectangular dual purpose mirror in a bathroom

Versatile furniture, as mentioned above, is perfect when you’re trying to preserve as much space as possible. What better way to create space in a small bathroom than installing a dual-purpose mirror? This two-in-one mirror is a fantastic storage solution for small spaces.

On one hand, it’s a trendy round mirror perfect for doing your skincare routine and checking out your makeup. Swing it open to reveal shelves where you can store your shampoo, body washes, makeup, medicine-anything you need, really.


magnetic strip installed in a bathroom, holding items such as nail clipper, tweezers, hairpins and scissors

Need to keep track of your bobby pins and tweezers? Why not adhere a magnetic strip to the inside of your bathroom cupboard or side of your counter? It’s cheap, small and perfect for anything metal you need to keep in one spot. The metal pins will stay attached to the strip until the next time you need them. Nail clippers, hair clips, tweezers can all be stored along a magnetic strip.


towels stored in hanging baskets in a clean and organised bathroom

When it comes to discovering better and more efficient storage solutions, wall hanging bathroom storage ideas are a pretty smart way to get extra storage for your bathroom without forfeiting actual space.

If you are looking for a low-cost storage option, install a set of baskets on your bathroom wall. The raised sides can keep your shampoos, lotions, small towels and makeup products in place, while the open tops make it easy to access.

Installing the shelves is very straightforward; just stick nails through the basket’s weave and hammer them into the wall. Amazon also have lots of wall hanging baskets that can be hung from hooks. These baskets aren’t limited to just your bathroom either-you can try them in your kitchen or bedroom too.

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